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High-Quality Corpus

DeepNatural AI professionally collects and processes natural language data. Leave data annotation to us and stick to conversational AI research.

Voice Corpus

Developing conversational ai requires a large amount of speech data for ASR, TTS, and DM, etc. We provide high quality voice corpus to ensure the best results.

Text Corpus

The trickiest part of NLP research was collecting and refining raw corpus. Now, leave it to us. As we are NLP people, we know which training corpus is good.

Video Corpus

Vision matters in NLP. You will need video corpus for speaker recognition, multimodal discourse analysis, and speech & lip movements synchronization, etc.

How it works

1. Project Setup

Send us guidelines for data collection or annotation. Then we start a new corpus generation project.

2. Human-in-the-loop

The human + AI collaboration proceeds through deep learning models, heuristic, and human manipulation.

3. Rigorous QA/QC

During the process, we perform multi-level automated and manual quality assurance over all annotations.

4. Export Corpus

Train and validate your models by exporting results in a variety of formats, such as JSON, CSV, and XML.

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Our work

Voice corpus for TTS engine to simulate Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul City


Voice Corpus

We extracted 532 utterances from 13 public interviews and discussions of Mayor Park Won-soon, and produced a total of 41 minutes of training corpus. Each utterance was precisely chunked and transcription includes any details like exclamations.

Training Corpus Samples

Human and AI cooperatively processed data while considering the purpose of corpus construction.

Voice Synthesize Results

High-quality training corpus increases your AI research performance. Let the best team do the data processing.

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Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon visited DeepNatural

On January 2, Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul, visited Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub. He saw our TTS demo mimicking his own voice and asked us to continue working on artificial intelligence. He promised that he and the city would be a testbed for startups developing AI technology… Read More

by Anson on Jan 2, 2019


DeepNatural participated in the Yangjae R&CD Demo Day

The Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub, an AI startup incubator operated by KAIST and ModuLabs, supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government, held the '2018 AICON' and 'Startup Demo Day & Talk'. We participated in the demo day and introduced our 'Human + AI collaboration for AI' business plan with demo videos… Read More

by Anson on Dec 18, 2018